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FINANCE (including Revenue, Water Revenue, Finance / Risk Management)


The finance department is the chief financial, accounting and budget office. Other departments that report to the Finance Director are Revenue, the City Treasurer’s Office and the Municipal Board of Pensions and Retirement. The Director is a member of the Mayor’s cabinet, the Chairman of the Board of Pensions and Retirements and an ex-officio member of the board of several quasi-governmental agencies, including the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority (PICA), which is the financial oversight authority for the City.


It includes nine (9) organizational units:


Accounting Bureau – Records the City’s financial activities, maintaining the centralized accounting system, preparing the payroll, processing payments and issuing required financial reports.

Administrative Services Center - Plans, prepares and oversees budget appropriations, procurement, contract management, payment processing and all departmental Human Resources services for the following departments: Finance, Division of Technology, City Treasurer, Procurement, Civil Service Commission, and the Office of Human Resources.

Budget Bureau – Prepares and directs oversight of the operating and capital budgets, provides financial forecasts and updates the City’s Five-Year Financial Plan.

Bureau of Administrative Adjudication -Provides administrative hearings for disputed parking tickets.

Contracting Unit - Implements and monitors the City's compliance with the requirements of non-competitively bid contracts with the City of Philadelphia and, provides technical assistance on the non-competitive contract process as a whole.  

Executive Office - Establishes fiscal policy guidelines for the City, provides oversight of the financial programs of the City and provides leadership, direction and coordination of activities for the various divisions of Finance.

Office of Administrative Review – Provides citizens of Philadelphia with a consistent appeal process and high-quality adjudication by review of administrative cases, and financial management of disputed cases.

Office of Risk Management Analyzes the City’s insurance and other risk exposure issues, including managing claims, worker’s compensation, and service-connected disabilities. Also provides insurance prevention programs.

Recovery OfficeProvides oversight and monitoring for all American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grant applications and grant implementation. Monitors and tracks how funds are spent and reports this information to federal and state agencies, as well as to the Mayor and the general public.

City Treasurer's Office – deposits, invests, and disburses all city funds and is responsible for cash flow and securities in all city venues. It also keeps reports on the status of all the city's accounts. Serves as the disbursing agents for payment. 
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Modified 1/18/2013